Trinity triumph over Thomians in close encounter

Appreciation to Akhila Senevirane & Papare 

Trinity College managed to pull a 17-11 victory over S. Thomas’ College in a thrilling second half scuffle, played at the STC Big Club Grounds today. The Thomians were leading at half time 07 – 11 until the Lion hearted Trinitians managed to claw back into the game to retain the Canon R. S. De Saram shield for a 3rd consecutive year.

Thevin Eriyagama kick started the final game of the season for the Thomians with rainy clouds hovering over the playing field. The Thomians managed to steal a line out ball through Dunal Fernando and eventually won themselves a penalty where Thevin Eriyagama kicked for 3 points. (STC 03 – TCK 00)

The Thomians seemed to be in control of the game with a fantastic restart as Thevin Eriyagama’s kick from the collection went all the way to the Thomian try line and Trinity skipper Reshan Bandaranayake was in two minds whether to collect the ball or not. However, the ball was knocked backwards and Sadaq Ishak put a hand on the ball to score the first try for S. Thomas’. Eriyagama missed the conversion against the wind. (STC 08 – TCK 00)

As the rain poured down for a short while, Trinity College managed to crawl their way back into the Thomian red zone and only had themselves to blame for botching up two try scoring opportunities where the try was held up and phases later Ratwatte was pushed out inches short of the try line. In the 21st minute, the Thomians were awarded a penalty and Eriyagama kicked this one for 3 points, 30m away. (STC 11 – TCK 00)

The rain had already done its part to make the encounter a scrappy affair as a misjudged box kick from Sakith Perera didn’t go into touch as Reshan Bandaranayake collected the ball ended up in the hands of Janidu Ratnayake who made an incredible dash past all the oncoming defenders as he looped around from the right side to score under the post. Minidu Jayasundara made the easy conversion. (STC 11 – TCK 07)

The Thomians wanted to steal a penalty before halftime but a comedy of errors followed afterwards as none of the kicks went into touch as the strong breeze ensured the ball stays in field. Sanjeewa Chathuranga finally kicked it out with the Thomians leading at lemons.

Half Time: S. Thomas’ College 11 (1T 2P) : Trinity College 07 (1T 1C)

The Trinitians started the second half quite strongly with some intention to turn things around. In fact, they managed to milk out a number of penalties until the big prop forward Mahdhi Abdullah barged over the try line using the pick and go in the 40th minute. The conversion was missed by Jayasundara but Trinity managed to get into the lead for the first time in the game. (STC 11 – TCK 12)

The line outs of Trinity were continuously stolen by Dunal Fernando which created a lot of pressure on the Trinitians and subsequently it was Kaveen Jayasekera to steal the ball on a number of occasions to get the Thomians closer to the try line. Ratwatte was brilliant in the rucks as he managed to steal the ball and regain possession, depriving chances of the home team. With the Thomian line out being stolen, replacement scrum half Koojana Kulatunga passed out wide and Amith Kulatunga managed to squeeze his way to the try line near the left corner flag. (STC 11 – TCK 17)

The Thomians only had themselves to blame for not getting their line outs right and despite Koojana Kulatunga intercepting to score a brilliant try under post all the way from their 22, the try was not awarded. He managed to kick the ball away when the Thomians missed their line out once again. The Thomians were unable to end the season on a high despite coming close and the Canon R. S De Saram shield will remain in the hills for yet another year.

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